Anesthesia/ Surgical Consent Form

Please complete this form prior to your pet undergoing any medical or surgical procedures.
  • Additional Surgical Information

    All pets dropped off for surgery must be current on vaccinations. If you are unable to provide proof of vaccination, your pet will be updated at your expense.

    Please read the following information outlined below and choose YES or NO for EACH choice.
    Performing bloodwork prior to using anesthesia provides invaluable information about the health and functioning of your pet’s internal organs and how well your pet can metabolize anesthesia. Red and white blood cells provide information regarding oxygen-carrying ability and how well your pet can fight infection. Platelet counts indicate how effectively your pet is able to stop bleeding. 
    This identification system will be registered with a national database to identify your pet in the event that it is lost.
    To determine what type of growth we removed, and the likelihood of it spreading or returning, sending the growth to the lab for further investigation is often helpful. If you aren't sure whether you should elect to send the growth out for biopsy, leaving it to the doctor's preference may be the best option. Results for biopsy generally take 4-7 days, depending on which day it is received. All bladder stones are sent to the lab for analysis.
    In the unlikely event that your pet arrests during the anesthetic procedure listed above, what would your preference be: