Routine Care

Thorough examinations by the doctor, as well as the appropriate vaccinations required based on the age of the animal and lifestyle of the owner. We also offer a number of options for parasite control.


Pets can experience a wide range of skin issues. Our doctors have a number of tools at their disposal to diagnose and treat the issues seen on a routine basis. In extreme cases, we are able to offer consultation with a board-certified dermatologist.


We offer dentistry on both cats and dogs. Performing a dental on your pet is a day procedure which does involve general anesthesia. Your pet is sedated so the technicians and doctors may examine each tooth as well as the gum health. The teeth are then individually cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler. Unhealthy teeth are extracted, the gums sutured closed. Remaining teeth are then polished. Pets go home after 2 pm with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories as needed.

Routine Spaying/Neutering

Spaying and neutering is also a day procedure. The surgery is performed before 10 am, pets are typically available to go home after 2 pm that afternoon.

Advanced Surgery

We also offer more advanced surgical options including but not limited to cystotomy, growth removal, splenectomy, gastrointestinal surgery and exploratory surgery. We do not offer any orthopedic surgeries at this time. Our recommendation is to utilize the board certified surgeons at PVS-EC for ACL repairs, complicated broken bone repairs, Luxating Patellas, and hip replacements.

Our facility uses Digital X-Ray and high-end in-house equipment to run bloodwork. These two features allow us to gather important information in a rapid manner when we are seeing your pet for an illness. We also have at our disposal the ability to consult with board-certified internists and radiologists to give you the best information possible in regards to caring for your pet. In instances of extreme illness, we also offer hospitalization.

Our payment options

We at ACVC make every attempt to keep your pet care costs as reasonable as possible. We do require payment at the time of service. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted at ACVC. We also accept personal checks, which are processed through Telecheck. If you are paying with a check, please have a driver’s license number handy.

While we do not do any billing or accept post-dated checks, we do accept Care Credit. You can apply directly through their website at or over the phone at 800-677-0718. If approved, they will allow balances over $200 to be paid interest free for 6 months.

Scratchpay is a relatively new form of payment option accepted by our practice.  You apply directly through  They will allow you to pay within 30 days, or over time.  Unlike Care Credit, this is a one-time loan that is to be repayed directly to Scratchpay.  Scratchpay will pay the clinic directly once the services are rendered for your pet.  Let us know if you have further questions.

If Care Credit or Scratchpay is not an option, please advise the doctor what your budget for your visit is, and we will do as much as possible for your pet without going over the amount you have to spend.